“Confabula Spurio” was born from a place, a silence that makes a lot of noise. Now rubble and dust. The idea does not have a real logical thread, but a sort of path where the characters walk inside a former college called “la bastarderia” (Narni, Italy); they retrace the road of their own existence.


It is told of appetite and temptation. Of malice and delicacies. Of prestige and madness. Of spoiled palats and foreign flavours. Of love stories and crime scenes. Of forbidden passions and gluttony sins. Of “Crack” “Splash” and “Oops!”. “You don’t play with food!”. Who knows what I will do, with these hands.


To mark the 70th anniversary of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, Abbas has teamed up with national partner association Switzerland for UNHCR to launch the agency’s first-ever NFT (non-fungible token) fundraising sale. Abbas has created seven cartoons, from which ten copies of each will be converted into unique digital assets and sold as NFTs on the OpenSea online marketplace to raise funds for UNHCR’s Afghanistan crisis response.


Aldo Salucci, was born in Rome, but he currently lives and works in Milan. He approaches drawing and the use of colours since childhood. Fascinated by the world of photography and digital post-production with his work Aldo Salucci creates an impactful communication, spontaneous, free from any rule. He has had numerous solo exhibitions and his works are present in many private collections. 


CryptoBetony Secret Pleasure Collectibles NFT artworks are created in collaboration with Andrea Scoppetta, Italian cartoonist and illustrator who has developed fictional characters for Disney and Dreamworks amongst others. Privacy Policy

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