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Artist profile

CryptoBetony Secret Pleasure Collectibles is the first NFT series launched by Betony Vernon, world-famous “sado chic” jewelry designer and multidisciplinary artist in the sensual arena, iconic creator of “Boudoir Box” and writer of “The Boudoir Bible”, who is now unveiling her erotic hints in the blockchain universe.

CryptoBetony Secret Pleasure Collectibles NFT artworks are created in collaboration with Andrea Scoppetta, Italian cartoonist and illustrator who has developed fictional characters for Disney and Dreamworks amongst others.

Project Description

CryptoBetony is a liberated heroine whose mission is to empower people to transform their lives by becoming more sensually attuned with themselves and with each other. She is the guardian of Love, determined to take the reign of intimacy and ecstasy back from the evil forces that have controlled and manipulated sensual wellness for centuries. Privacy Policy

Company details